Edito Akim Oural


The emergence of the digital economy has cut through an ever growing number of organisations, practices, life styles, individual relations, and regions. The European Metropolitan Region of Lille, is, of course, concerned by these unprecedented shifts. Nonetheless, while the risks are significant, the opportunities are equally numerous. Through its digital strategy, the EMRL has the ambition and the will to be both the protagonist and the facilitator of these opportunities. To achieve this, the region will rely on its ecosystem, its expertise, a reliable project dynamic, the mobilisation of actors and local governments as well as improved governance. The objective is to face the challenges of a digital city that is resolutely resilient and active in the sustainable development of the region; a city that is resolutely civic and creative in furthering social change; a city that is resolutely European and international to reinforce its geostrategic position.


Content Committee


Coordinator of the Content Committee:
Marcel DESVERGNE Former General Delegate of Communication Summer Universities mobile digital citizen. linkedin




Florence DEVOUARD, Former chair of the board of Trustees of Wikimedia Fundation linkedin
Christian MAHIEU, Sociologist, researcher at CNRS and LEM, research centre of CNRS and Lille University. linkedin
Patrick EVENO, President of the Observatory for Information Deontology, Professor of Paris I University.
Godefroy BEAUVALLET, Vice-President of CNum linkedin
Serge ABITEBOUL, Researcher at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris linkedin
Carine DARTIGUEPEYROU, Political Scientist lecturer. linkedin
Christine BALAGUE, Holder of the Social Networks Chair at the Institut Mines Telecom linkedin
Max DAUCHET, Professor Emeritus at the University of Lille, president of CERNA - Commission on Research Ethics in science and digital technologies of Allistene, President of the Steering Committee of the House for Science and Technology in Nord - Pas de Calais linkedin
Jean-Claude RAOUL, President of the Commission for Urbanism and Habitat, Academy for the Technologies linkedin
Thanh NGHIEM, Former Strategic Director at Suez Ondeo, founder of Angenius linkedin
Michel IDA, Director of MINATEC Ideas Laboratory, CEA Grenoble linkedin
Sophie MAHEO, Project Manager at FING linkedin
Dominique BOUDIN, Head of the Digital Department, CCI Grand Lille linkedin
Didier CELISSE, Head of Marketing, Strategy and territorial coordination, Digital Department at Caisse des dépôts linkedin
Olivier Irrmann, Professor of Innovation Management and Co-Design at ISEN Lille, Engineering school - Catholic University of Lille linkedin